How to create an Office 365 Account

Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to create an Office 365 account using your CBS student email address.

Step 1) Open a web browser and go to the following web address:

Enter your CBS student email address in the box and click the Get Started button.

Step 2) Click the I'm a student link.

Step 3) Fill out the web form. Check your CBS student email address and enter the verification code that was sent into the appropriate box on the form.

If you don't receive a code after approximately five minutes then click the resend signup code link to the right of the box to enter the verification code.

Click the Start link when ready.

Step 4) Wait while your account is created.

Step 5) Click the Skip link.

Step 6) Wait while your account setup is finalized.

Step 7) Click the Next button.

Step 8) Select one of the options for account recovery (phone or email). Click the appropriate link.

In this example we are selecting phone.

Step 9) Follow the on screen instructions based upon the method you selected in Step 8.. 

Step 10) Follow the on screen instructions to finalize your account recovery options.

Step 11) Click the Finish button.

Step 12) If you are signing in on your computer then click Yes when prompted to Stay signed in. If this is not your computer click No.

Step 13) Close the Welcome message.

Step 15) You should now be logged into your CBS student Office 365 account. 

If you need help with your Office 365 account, please click the question mark in the upper-right hand corner of the screen. A help menu will be displayed where you can helpful support articles.