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Last Updated: July 7, 2021

CBS Blackboard Migration

 The College of Biblical Studies has upgraded to the latest version of Blackboard. With this upgrade we have also configured Blackboard to use your CBS Microsoft account to access your courses in Blackboard. Any classes starting after June 30, 2021 must be accessed by signing in with your CBS Microsoft account. Click HERE for step-by-step instructions


Please click/tap one of the FAQs below to find out more.

1. What are we migrating?

We are moving to the next generation of Blackboard. This new version is called Blackboard Learn Ultra. Click here to see an overview of Ultra.

2. Why are we moving to a new version of Blackboard?

Blackboard Learn Ultra offers significant advantages over the existing version. Some of the advantages include:
• A modern, responsive user interface. This means that Blackboard Learn Ultra will work with PCs, tablets, and smartphones.  
• Monthly feature updates without downtime. Click here to see the Monthly Release Highlights.

3. How does this migration fit into the other recent system changes?

The migration to Blackboard Learn Ultra is part of the College's desire to provide updates tools to support our learning community. As part of this migration, Blackboard Learn Ultra will offer a design that looks good on computers, tablets, and phones. It will also have built-in video conferencing capabilities. Additionally, starting with the Fall 2021 semester (starting July 12th), you will be able to login to Blackboard Learn Ultra using your existing CBS Microsoft account. 

4. What about my old login?

For a few semesters, your old Blackboard login will function. Since courses become unavailable shortly after a course ends, you will not be able to see any old courses when you login to Blackboard with your old Blackboard login. By taking this approach, there is no chance of data loss in Blackboard. For any courses starting after June 30, 2021, please login with your CBS Microsoft credentials so that you can see your current courses.

5. How do I login to Blackboard?

Click HERE for step-by-step directions on how to login to Blackboard with your CBS email account credentials.

6. What if I need help?

For support in English:

CBS students needing help with Blackboard can get 24x7 support using one of the options below:

Option 1) Email
Please include your full name, CBS student ID, your phone number, a brief description of the issue. Also, please send the email using your CBS student email address if possible. Please send the email with the above information to: LearnHelpdesk@cbshouston.edu

Option 2) Phone
You can reach support 24x7x365 by calling toll free 877-324-0849. Select option #1 for technical support. You will need to provide your full name and CBS student email address for technical support.

For support in Spanish

For technical support in Spanish please send an email to:  SoporteTecnico@cbshouston.edu