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How to login to your Blackboard account

Video: How to login to Blackboard

Step-by-Step Directions

Step 1

Open a web browser and go to https://cbs.blackboard.com. If you have already logged into your CBS Microsoft account (MyCBS, email, etc.) you will automatically be logged into Blackboard (Step 5). Otherwise, click the Sign in with third-party account menu.

Step 2

From the menu that appears click the Click HERE to login with your CBS email account menu item.

Step 3

Enter your CBS email address and click the Next button.

Step 4

Enter your CBS email password and click the Sign-In button.

Step 5

After a few moments you should be logged into Blackboard.

How to log out of Blackboard

Step 1

Click the off button in the upper-right corner and then click the End session and log out link that is displayed. 

Step 2

Click the End Session button.

Step 3

Close your browser. You are now logged out of Blackboard.