Goodbye, Sonis.
Hello, MyRecords!

MyRecords has been upgraded to a new platform and can be found in the new MyCBS student portal found at (see image below!).

MyRecords builds on our desire for CBS to become more agile and empowering, and we are excited for you to check out the user-friendly, intuitive system for your personal profile, grades, admissions transcripts, class schedules and more!

CBS has collaborated with Lancaster Bible College and the Biblical Higher Education Consortium to implement this new student information system, CampusNexus Student, that will empower our students to personally manage their educational records. We’ll call it MyRecords for short.

We encourage you to login to MyCBS every day to check your CBS email, get to your classes in Blackboard, access MyRecords, use the free Microsoft Office suite and more – all in one convenient student portal.

You can just click on Student Portal on the website or go directly to MyCBS at

How to access MyRecords: 

1. Using your Microsoft login credentials, log into the student portal at
2. From there, click on the MyRecords box. The new single sign-on feature will automatically redirect you to your MyRecords homepage – also called CampusNexus.

In the event your session times out, you will be required to sign back into a host page, sponsored by Lancaster Bible College. Use your CBS Microsoft credentials to log in and resume your MyRecords session.

What is the new MyRecords so special?
With the new MyRecords, you will have similar features to Sonis, plus many more! Self-register for your courses (starting with Fall 2021), track your degree progress, and quick-message your advisor.

Have questions?
Please contact our student helpdesk 24/7 by email,, or by phone at 877-324-0849.