FREE Student Orientation Course

Did you know that in Blackboard you will see a free non-credit course named “Student Orientation 2020” listed in your available courses? This course will help orient you to Blackboard as well as other topics that will help you to be a successful student at CBS. Please take the time to go through this quick course to gain the needed skills and information that will support you in your academic journey. If you already know how to navigate Blackboard you may not need to go through the entire course. It is provided as a resource to assist you. Click the button below to open the CBS Blackboard site in a new browser tab/window after you have read the instructions.

Step 1) Login to Blackboard using your SonisWeb credentials. After logging in to to the My Courses section in the My Blackboard tab. Click the Student Orientation 2020 course link.

Step 2) You can navigate the course using the menu on the left side of the screen. Please begin by clicking the Getting Started link (shown in green). Then please read through the course Announcements (shown in cyan). You can navigate the course section by clicking the Course Content link (shown in yellow) in this screenshot).

NOTE: The colors referenced above are only in this screenshot. The actual course will not have these colors.