How to install the Blackboard Mobile App

Step-by-Step Directions

Step 1

Install the Blackboard Mobile App from the appropriate app store for your mobile device. Then open the Blackboard Mobile App and start entering College of Biblical Studies in the Type your school's name box.

Download to your Android device
Download to your Apple device

Step 2

Tap the College of Biblical Studies - Houston entry that will be shown.

Step 3

Tap the Web Login button.

Step 4

Read the Privacy, cookies and terms of use agreement and then tap OK to proceed.

Step 5

Tap the Sign in with third-party account and then tap the Click HERE to login with your CBS email account link.

Step 6

Enter your CBS student email address and then tap the Next button.

Step 7

Enter your CBS student email password and then tap the Sign in button.

Step 8

If the mobile device is only used by yourself, then tap the Yes button. Otherwise click the No button. (In most cases students will click the Yes button since the mobile device is owned by the student.)

Step 9

Review the Blackboard Terms of Use and tap the Agree button to proceed.

Step 10

Tap Continue.

Step 11

In a few moments you should have access to any active courses that you are enrolled in Blackboard.

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